Walking Trails at Yelverton Brook

Yelverton Brook Eco Spa Retreat is home to unique walking trails, giving you an opportunity to come along and explore everything that this 100 acre conservation sanctuary has to offer.

Seventy tonnes of crushed limestone have been placed along the trail to make it easy for you to travel through, thus eliminating the need for a guide.

You can select from a short or long trail depending on your fitness, but don’t forget to bring your camera along with you because wildlife is found in abundance along the trails.

You will come across Swamp Bottlebrush, Emu Plums, Snotty Gobbles, WA Christmas Trees and a lot more during the journey. There are myriad wildflowers in the spring season, but the type of vegetation changes with season.

From tall Blue orchids to tiny Flying Duck orchids, Native Screw Ferns and attractive yellow Cowslip orchids, you will find everything.

In cooler damper months, you will see a marvelous variety of fungi, from large orange ones that are the same size as that of a dinner plate to small crème ones.

Your private spa cottage will have flower identification books and bird field guides to make your stay a bit more entertaining.