Wildlife at Yelverton Brook

Located within the premises of a wildlife conservation sanctuary, Yelverton Brook Eco Spa Retreat is a great place to get up close and personal with the native Australian fauna.

Engage with Kangaroos

Engage with Kangaroos

Enjoy the opportunity to see endangered species right at your doorstep.

The species that you can expect to find here include Woylies, Western Grey Kangaroos, Bandicoots, Dunsborough Burrowing Crayfish, and Western Ringtail and Brush Tailed Possums.

During the day, beautiful birds love to visit the bird bath available at every spa chalet. There are currently over 50 bird species found at the property.

A “Wildlife Journal” is available in every chalet where you can add your experiences and sightings of the native wildlife. Guests are provided with special feed for the native wildlife.

Don’t forget to bring a camera along and make sure that your memory card has sufficient space for those amazing photos and videos that you will be able to capture here.

If you want more information, please visit our walking trails page. There are also some additional details for children on the website.

If you would you like to share the wonderful photos and vides that you have captured during your stay at Yelverton Brook Eco Spa Retreat, please email them to or share them on our Facebook page